We can be heros, just for one day

I’m not going on about the song. I’m going to be talking about heros and why they can be really inspiring people whatever background they are from.

Anyway, my hero is Charles Trippy. Here’s a piccy of him 🙂


Anyway, as you can tell he is a musician and he plays bass in the band we the kings. I’ve put my favourite song by them below

As well he is a succsesfull youtuber on his channel ctfxc. The reason why he is my hero is because of the way he has coped and balanced with his professional life with a really horrible illness. In febuary 2012, he had a seizure out of the blue while on tour with his band. After scans showed there to be a tumor in his brain, he had surgery to remove the majority of the tumor which was a success and also showed that there was no cancer. However though, the seizures returned in 2013 and it was decided to remove the rest of the tumor. This worked and he was in rehabilation and hospital for a while afterwards as well as having tempoary speech problems. However though, the tumor was cancerous as grade 3 Oligodendroglioma and he has been undertaking chemtharpy to kill the bug since alhtough he has had many seizures still

The reason why he is my hero is because of the way that he has managed this bad stuff while still vlogging and being in we the kings. Yes he’s had the really bad days like we all day but he has still has continued with this and a smile and good cheer on his face. You can see this passion by just watching a single vlog from the ctfxc channel on youtube.

This has also inspired me and made me just keep breathing when i had a period of bad health. There is a history of thyroid disease on my mums side of the family and i unfortunately got it with a large goitre on thyroid. It grew so big that in the end it had to be operated on to remove it all. I was so nervous and worried about the op as it would be my first ever operation but i had to use the strength and courage charles had to help me through this time. It went well and although there was concerns about my calcium dropping, i was released 2 days after surgery. I also had to use that same courage and determination when i was readmitted a week later with sever hypocalcemia that could have killed me. I have recovered from it after a calcium infusion but i now suffer from hypoparathyroidisim as well which has put me on calcium and vitamin d tablets as well as regular trips to the calcium clinc in the endocrinology department to see my consultant about it. It sucks and the blood tests are a pain but i’ve been very lucky. I have been given a second chance and a different outlook on life.

Before i end this post, i thought i’ll embed the famous song by David Bowie seeming as it’s relevant as well as one of my favourite songs ever.




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