Secondary school memories Part 1: Year 7-11

So today marks 4 years to the day since I had my leavers day at my high school. Makes me feel old or what :O!!!! I’ll embed some photos from this time 🙂



Inspired by a post on another blog which i follow, I thought i share some memories from my 5 years in secondary school from year 7-11.

Year 7: This was a hard year. I was the only person from my middle school to go to my high school. I hated this and wanted to change to the high school in the city where nearly everyone from my middleschool went to.I was placed into abbey house which colour was purple, my form was A4 and i was in the tiffey river band. Making friends was very hard and i would often just sit in the library or wander around at break and lunchtimes. The only people i would talk to would be staff or ta’s. I don’t know why but i would do impressions to people in my year to try and get aceptted and talking to people. This only got me a reputation where i was known as the special kid who did impressions. I only realised this later on. People would be screaming at me when i’d walk down the school corridors and the older kids from year 9+ would get involved too. I hated this and it all became too much just before the summer term started.School didn’t intervene with this until the summer term though…. Music was my favourite subject of them all and i got my grade 3 horn at the end of the year 😀 I slowly started to feel happier during the summer term and was in a good state of mind at the end for a great summer break.

Year 8: This year started good. Although i was still struggling with making friends and would often have to be put in a group for group activities to stop me being alone, i was talking to people. I was still doing impressions and making myself look like an idiot in order to chat to people until the summer term where people finally started to accept me as a nice person not some special kid who makes themselve look like an idiot in order to try and make friends. This was a big relif seeming as i was really hating be pressured to do this in order to not be bullied.I went on a trip to germany with school at the end of the year which was awesome. I had never played so much mario kart and pokemon in one week and had so much fun when we went to a theme park called phantasialand where the micheal jackson thriller ride was as well as lots of very scary german rides. We also had a disco on the last day which was so so fun! I also got my grade 4 horn! There was no change of my favourite subject too….!!! I met a certain man during this year who would certainly change my life for the better………..I ended the year feeling a lot happier than i was in year 7 and had a fantastic summer break.

Year 9: This year started alrightish. I was getting on with people although i would still often have to be put in a group or work on my own due to shyness. I went on the trip to the Belgium battlefields which was great and i also got to take part in the remembrance ceremony at ypres representing the school which was very special. I was also invited to be in a year 9 fast track music group for talented musicians within the year to do theory stuff and to focus on music more. It was so fun. We also had to choose our gcse options. I nearly didn’t do music for graphics (with my fantastic art and design skills i know…) but i choose history, rpe and music. Looking back, i should have done drama or just had a period to work because of how much i struggled with history. I went on a trip to pleasurewood hills which was very fun! In may 2010, my grandma died. This devestated me and the imediate actions my family did made me feel really unhappy. This affected my work for the rest of the year where I underperformed in everything including the exams which would decide how i would be placed in the y band during year 10 where the whole year would be mixed with people you never knew beforehand. I also made a few bad remarks which i shouldn’t have done. I got my grade 5 horn though which was good during the summer but i could not wait for the summer holidays to come.

Year 10: This year was a fresh start for me. I was out of tiffey river and into the y band with new people who i didn’t know as well as people who i knew from tiffey. Music GCSE was my favourite lesson as we would muck about more than do work. The same applied to maths (for the wrong reasons though……;)! I soon realised though that i made a big mistake with taking history as a gcse option. I was making new friends and getting better at it in comparison to year 7. I was also diagnosed with a thyroid condition. Partly due to genetics but possibly due to how sad i felt possibly i don’t know…i didn’t need surgery at that time though and it just had to be monitored regularly by the hospital which was a relief.I went on the pleasurewood hills trip again which was just as fun! I applied for house prefect at the end of the year which i didn’t get which broke my heart. I was given house ambassador though which in reality was just my head of houses way of making some people feel better about it by giving them a badge which had no significant role unlike the prefects did. I properly just wanted it for the badge and the privileges anyway.Asides from this, it was an awesome year although my year 10 gcse results where a kick into reality.

Year 11: I dropped history at the start of the year so i could have an extra study period which was the best decsion i ever took. A lot of this focus for the year was on what to do next. I had a look at many different sixth form and colleges in the area and after much carefull deliberation, I decided to apply for my schools sixth and one in the city as a backup as well as the HE college for a music BTEC incase i would completely muck-up my exams badly. I finally settled down and was happier than ever-working hard but also mucking about in lessons particularly music. I had finally felt like the real happy me had came out. My mock results where good (except for an e in english literature because i was in top set…) and my favourite lessons where music and maths (for the wrong reasons though in maths…) ;)! I got my grade 6 horn before i left and the last few weeks where awesome. Lots of mucking about and not much work done. The leavers day was great but sad, i did a dr who theme and after the final assembly, everyone was saying goodbye and crying which was sad.

Once I had finished my GCSE exams, the first day afterwards I was given some shock news about the house which devastated me. I was worrying about this for over 2 years and I had learnt how much my parents and family had betrayed and ignored me. Although this was horrible and I would often cry about this bucketloads when alone, I had a fantastic summer. Hanging out with friends, going out with mum and walking the dog for walks along the norfolk countryside in the beautiful sunshine. It was bliss. The 2 sixth form induction days i had went well, still knew what my first choice would be though……

Lots of exciting musical things happened during this period. I depped on solo horn for an adult band and after depping with them twice, I got asked to join permently! I presume the depping was my audition to join! I also got accepted to the youth band of a very famous brass band in yorkshire and i was continuing to compose and play all around norfolk. All dandy and good 🙂

At the end of the summer after going on holiday to lancashire, i had the important gcse results day. I got the results which I needed but to find out whether i stayed at my schools sixth or switched to the other one which would have been closer, you will have to wait for the second blog post in this series!!!!! Sorry 😉

Today, i’ve had my end of year recital which is the only exam i have had as everything else is coursework. Really happy with how it went, not getting home till late as i’ve got orchestera rehersal till 9 tonight in preperation for the 2 concerts we’ve got this weekend! Fun!



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