Secondary School Memories Part 2: Sixth Form

Following on from my previous post, here is the second post in the secondary school memories series but focusing on sixth form. I decided after my GCSE results to stay on at my high school’s sixth form due to it having the best music faculties of them all. A decsion that i don’t regret at all.

The way i could focus on certain subjects was brilliant. I took as levels in music, music technology, ict and buisiness studies as well as compulsory buisiness studies. This meant i could do as much music related stuff which i wanted during my free’s as well as work for my other subjects obvisolly πŸ˜›

Also, this is being posted on the 2 year anniversary of my leavers day from sixth form :O!!!!Before I start, here are some piccys from sixth form πŸ™‚

Year 12: This year started of really really well. I was making really good friends and getting on well with work. I would either be in the mac suiet or with the cafe crew during my free periods. We had a music day out for a study day which was so much fun! Although i had these home worries, i didn’t let them try to affect my school life. In Febuary 2013 during halftime, the houseswap finally happend. This absolutley deverstated me and made my depression even worse. I need to thank the music staff, my a level music group and boo for the support during this period. I was working hard but i was feeling unhappy inside. My as exams came round and i thought i did well but the depression i was suffering meant i didn’t concentrate and do as well as i thought. I then came back and started doing the work for my a2’s.

Year 13: My AS results where not as good as expected which gave me a kick into reality to work harder. I dropped buisiness which was a great descion as it meant i had more free’s and could focus on music music music. I would either be with the cafe crew or in the mac suiet. It was fun times although after a check up at the hospital and a further meeting with a suregon, i had to book myself in for the surgery to remove my thyroid. I was very nervous about this and then managed to get a lot of coursework done before my op which was good. I had auditions for uni which i got offers from all my choices.I then had my op and after my calcium episode i reutrned to sixth form and spent the rest of the time getting work caught up. I was also mucking about with my friends and it was generally just like that until my leavers day and my exams. I also managed to get my grade 7 horn with distinction as well!!

After I finished my A-Levels, I took a gap year. This was a very last minite descion but one which was the right descion. Due to my health situation and how i didn’t feel comftable or happy with my uni choices as well as being unsure on whether i had made the right descion with applying to uni, i choose at the last minute to withdraw my application and reapply for 2015 entry. Β This was certainly the right descion as i got my grade 8 horn, grade 5 theory and after thinking more carefully my application, got into universities i actually wanted to go to and now, i am at a brilliant univeristys which i love and enjoy everyone second of which is the right one for me by far. I am still living at home though but the commuting has not fazed me at all.

To end, I will post a picture of my Levers hoodies. I’m sure that once i graduate, I will have another one from my university to add to the collection, but I will always be a Wymondham High girl at heart thanks to the brilliant 7 years i had there.

Don’t wish your school years away, they go a lot quicker than you think.

The concerts i had with uni this weekend as well as one with my brass band went really well. I’m now done for my first year. Suprised how quick it went. I’m taking this week off for rest and to tidy up my cv before looking for a summer job so i can hopefully start saving for my own horn πŸ™‚



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