Brexit-my thoughts

Brexit it is then. Not the result that i wanted but it is what the country has decided.

The future is certainly unknown but we did not know what would happen either way just assume. We all need to work together and hopefully get an atmosphere like how it was with the 2012 olympics in the uk.

I will not miss this refferndum though. The biterness and abuse each side has been giving each other has been horrible even today-they are real people besides having an opinion/friends/familys so don’t be an arse towards them just because you don’t agree with them. And people saying that the old should not be allowed to vote because they muck up-they have ever right as we do to vote-it’s democracy in action!! People need to target my age group more so we understand things like this and vote in other elections. And farage saying that leave won without a bullet-what about jo cox murder…..

I’m scared for my future




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