2016:366 days:12 months:12 photos

So it’s the last day of the year. A day for reflection and looking ahead. I’m going to do this post as i did it last year and summarise the year in photos.


I don’t think anyone could have seen 2016 having so many deaths of famous people. David Bowies death in particular affected me a lot. An artist who i looked up to and whos music helped me a lot through a very hard period of my life, i was in shock for many days and david bowie will be missed forever. Asides from that, I had the month of Uni so I spent it at home not doing much and i also went to the butlins mineworkers contest which was great fun!!


Going back to uni, I found out that i passed all semster 1 modules with 2:1s putting my mark at 64% for the year so far which meant i was on course to passing my first year of uni with a good 2:1. I also found out that i was placed in orchestera for uni which would be m first time in a orchestera. As well, I got on with working hard and studying.

March:image1I was getting on with uni coursework and rehersals with uni ensembles and my brass band and also had the area contest where we sadly came last after a decent performance 😦This is quite a special photo as it is from what I consider to be the best day of the year for me!! At the open rehersal we had a week before the contest, we had a open rehersal before the area and much to my shock, my good friend and mentor came to listen. Safe to say this is proberlly my highlight of the year.


The month was spent much rehersing and doing coursework to get done before the deadline in may. I also had a big birthday where i enterd my 20s and my 2nd decade alive.


I handed in all of my first year coursework and I had my end of year recital which went very well. I then had 2 epic uni concerts at cambridge and binham to end the year with. As well, I had 2 good concerts with band. After this, my summer officialy began with no more commuting until september


I found out that i passed my first year with a good 2:1 at 65% which was a massive shock and a big relif. I started preparing for year 2 with my arrangment for chamber music and continued rehersing for the summer with my brass band with a good concert at the end of the month in a bandstand. And of course, there was the eu ref at the end of the month. Not what i voted for but i was more shocked with the hate and abuse people on both sides where giving each other due to the way they voted…..


A month of rest, recuperation and banding!


Much of the same as july really


ep cover

The summer ended and I achived an ambition and ticked off a box on my bucket list by releasing my debut ep. At the end of the month, year 2 of my degree began.


Uni was dominating but a lot of fun was had at band especially at the beer fest….


Still having the stress of uni but with some cheeky banter inbetween…..


Deadlines, concerts and caroliong-the life of a music student hey!!

Looking onwards to 2017, I hope to continue getting good marks and more of the same with my playing and looking forward to working out a carrer path for myself.



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