Well Hello,

I’m not good at keeping a regular blog so i’ll update you. Last semester was hetic but not as stressfull as the first semester of year 2. I only had compulsory chorus for 8 weeks which was great but also stressfull. We had to learn the pieces in 8 weeks for the spring concert and nobody was enjoying it. When you have a group of music students where you have some who have been doing choral singing all there life like its built into there bloodstream but theres others like myself who don’t really sing and feel really self conscious in a choir situation, it can bring on some real stress for all. The concert went alright but we where all glad that it was over. The widow of one of the compsers went to listen coming up to cambridge from the malvern hills (!!) for the day and she brought some lus for people to wear as one of the pieces mentioned Honolulu in Hawaii. I of course got thrown one, much to my disappointment…

I then got invited to play horn in the pit band for the unis production of paul buynayn. This for me was the highlight of year 2 for me with 2 great performances and a great review of it too. I hope i can get more opportunities like this in the future. I also once again was invited to play as part of a brass ensemble accompanying the chamber choir which i really enjoyed once again despite playing in the organ loft up high…

My optional modules where electroacoustic composition and music education. Electroacoustic comp was an awesome module which i loved a lot. At times a lot of it felt like try and guess to see if it would work but i really enjoyed mucking about and creating different sounds on logic. I was really proud of my final bit of coursework for it, peacfull darkness which is a massive change and improvement from my first electroacoustic comp as coursework, sounds from the abandoned kitchen made over 3 years ago for a level music tech coursework…

Music education was a fun module too. I was annoyed with the mark i got overall though. My mark for my mock lesson on phase shifting was good at a high 2:1 but my essay got a third where i was 1% off a fail for it. It was really odd because i thought i had answered the question but it appears not? The comments where not at all constructive criticism which really annoyed me . It averaged out at a 2:2 (54%) which is alright but considering my end of year average would have been higher if i had a 2:1 or a first for that module, it’s really really disappointing.

The semester has not all just been about coursework for uni. I went to a norwich match for the first time in a while and as always, been trying to improve my train window photography and being out with my band playing concerts.

Even time to try and improve my piano skills too, maybe when i should have been in a lecture….

I had my end of year recital too. After having massive problems sorting out an piano accompanist where i got to the point of have to consider using a backing track so i could do the recital and not fail, i managed to get a accompanist sorted just in time. I unfortunately got very nervous beforehand and it affected my playing which i was really annoyed with as i thought i had blown getting a first for the recital out of the window. It’s strange because i hardly get nervous when i am out playing or soloing with any brass band but when it comes to being accompanied for something, i get nervous very badly. I somehow did mange to get a first for the recital and i got a 2:1 at 67% for the whole year which i was happy with year, 2% higher than year 1 and on a good start for year 3.

Since then, i’ve been busy working and giging as well as having to start the dissertation. It seems to be going ok so far but i’m actually enjoying it which is what i am worried about…

I’ve got a few blogposts lined up through but i don’t know how frequently i will be able to post. Next year is my final year of my degree and i also have a 10,000 word dissertation to do D: . I’m looking at 100 years of development of the brass band test piece. I’m also debating whether to do a final recital in my last semester. I’m not doing performance this coming semester as i didn’t enjoy the ensemble assessment and it also brought down my mark for the whole semester. I got a 1st (70%) for my 2nd year recital though and I went to a friends final recital on trumpet and i enjoyed it which then got me thinking about reconsidering not doing a final recital. I know what the pieces are which i would play but i just don’t know if they are at the standard of a final recital and whether i would be able to get a good mark considering how badly nervous i get before things like that which i wouldn’t want to happen before the final recital…



P.S: Heres the end of year train ticket comparision of year one and year two. One more year to go!!!

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