12 Albums which left a lasting impact on me

I’ve seen this post about posting 12 albums which have left an impact on you and i’ve done this on facebook so i thought i’d post it on here with a little more background info about my 12.

For those who don’t know, the challenge is:
“List 12 albums in no particular order that made a lasting impression on you, but only 1 per band/artist. Tag 12 friends to do the same, including me, so I can see what you listed”

1. That’s Entertainment – The John Wilson orchestra

Now this is the sound of my childhood. When you’ve ever listend to older films, one thing which would really grab you was the amazing soundtracks. It amazes you even more when you find out that john , their conductor transcribed all of it by ear!!! The orchestra are insanely good and I always look forward  to listening to there annual prom appearance .It was very hard to choose one favourite track but it had to be the beautiful rendition of the heather on the hill which has often sent me to sleep on the train home late at night.

2. A Momentary Lapse of Reason – Pink Floyd

Controversial I know. There are many Pink Floyd fans who I have shocked and disappointed just by saying this is my favourite album but you know, this is the album which really got me into the band and think wow-what a great band. It dosent mean that i hate all the other albums as my friends know that i am a massive pink floyd fan. Favourite song though has to be learning to fly.

3. Everything Must Go – Manic Street Preachers

This album saved my life. I discovered the manics during the worst period of my life where everything just seemed to  be going wrong and there music but inparticually this album was the sole thing that kept me going. Favourite song is a design for life which helped so much during the worst of it.

4. The Race For Space – Public Service Broadcasting

Throughout my life, I have always been a space nut with regards to both the shuttle program (i am currently creating a new ridgy track with a shuttle theme…) and the current work done on the iss as well. I even sampled some space sounds for coursework for an electroacoustic composition module which i took last semester at uni.

I am also a big fan of concept albums which can be blamed on my dad who introduced me to pink floyds dark side of the moon when i was about 5 or 6. This nicely leads me onto the band public service broadcasting. I first heard of them through an interview with sean moore and i’ve been a big fan of theres ever since. All of there albums are concept albums which have a particular theme with there latest albums theme being the rise and decline of the welsh mining industry. I’m actually seeing the band live in norwich in october which i cannot wait for as every time they’ve had a gig in norwich, i’ve not been able to go due to other commitments! My favourite track is defiantly sputnik for the shear beauty of the sounds and composition

5. Play – Moby

I had to study why does my heart feel so bad as one of my set works when i took gcse music which gave me my first real introduction to moby and his music. Although there where bits of his which i had heard before such as god moving over the face of water, this was the first album which i listend to and blew my mind due to the many different styles you hear on it. My favourite track is guitar flute and string

6. Hunky Dory – David Bowie

When you have older parents who have an good music taste, it can often rub off on you. David Bowie is one of those unique one of a kind artists who’s music will always stand the test of time. His music has got a little bit of everything within it and has helped many people myself included during some really hard times. My favourite track is changes.

7. Given to The Wild- The Maccabees

The maccabees are a band who i discoverd in 2012 due to the enderless playing of pelican from this album. As a musician who also makes my own music, it has been a massive influence on the sound and style of my own music due to the beautiful ambience within the album. My favourite track is glimmer

8. Quadrophenia – The Who

The who are another band who I got into due to the parental influence. I discovered it through watching a documentary about in 2012 and after watching the film, it really impacted me due to the ways i could related to jimmy. The album is a masterpiece. My favourite track is love reign o’er me

9. The Bends – Radiohead

I first listend to the album in 2012 after buying it on a discount. As somebody who loves guitar driven rock music, it instantly hit me due to the many different feels you have within the album from the hard feel of planet telex all the way to the softer nice dream. My favourite track is street spirit (fade out)

10. Mahler Symphony No.5 – London Symphony Orchestra

Mahler 5 is my all time favourite symphony. I discoverd it in either 2011 or 2012 after listening to it on desert island discs and the music hit me instantly. The pure beauty and emotion within all the movements is just goregous. My favourite movement is the adagietto no words needed.

11. Tubular Brass – Tubular Brass

This is acutally a very recent album but one which has really blown my mind. It’s simply an incredible scoring throwing out the typical stereotype of brass bands just with flatcaps and playing marches and hymns out of the window. With the reception it has been given both to the recording and live performances, I hope the project can continue to . My favourite part is properly the scoring during the introduction

12. Portamento – The Drums

The drums i acutally found about through the nme. In 2010, I was off school due to the snow and i walked down to waitrose with my mum and i got a copy of the nme which had them on as one of the new big hits for the new decade. They remeind of a mordern beach boys sound-another one of my favourite bands. Although I haven’t yet got a copy of their latest album, my favourite album is portamento due to the darker musical feel with my favourite track being book of revelation.



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