3 Thoughts as i go into the final year of my degree

So this time next week, I will be in a lecture for beginners german as I start my final year of my degree. I thought it would be cool to blog about my thoughts and feeling before i begin this important year. Only 3 though because it’s the third and final year :O

1: I can really see an effect on me from this degree

This effect is in many ways. I’m more open in the music I listen to in comparison to beforehand when I used to limit myself to only the stuff I knew I would like and enjoy instead of trying out new stuff (although i still don’t like opera!). As well my playing has improved by taking me out of my comfort zone to make myself a more well rounded player a lot of this thanks to my brilliant horn tutor. Taking part in ensembles which I had never done before such as an orchestra and world music ensembles as well as being the pit for the opera has helped greatly with this. My composition and production techniques have also improved dramatically through taking me out of my comfort zone and trying new things.  Below this paragraph is a link to my portfolio on soundcloud where i showcase some of my best work i have done. The pieces for me which really show this change is my string quartet and my electroacoustic composition peaceful darkness. They both have gone completely out of my normal comfort zone into a more experimental unknown which paid off both times. In particular peaceful darkness shows this massive change from my first electroacoustic composition sounds of the abandoned kitchen, made over 3 years ago which although it sounds massive and good due to the 100+ tracks within it, it dosen’t sound as refined as peaceful darkness.

The final and biggest improvement is on my essay writing skills. During my GCSE and A levels, I really struggled with essays and that reflected in my marks sadly. Since starting university, by having access to essay planning resources to help me plan and structure them, my marks and writing skills have increased dramatically in comparison to my school days. Although there have been a few odd marks, my mark range has been 40%-91% with a big improvement in marks seen this year .

2: Dissertations are hard from the start

Although I was doing reading and that for my dissertation from mayish, I didn’t start the proper reading and note researching period until the start of august. The reason for this was due to not wanting to start until I knew that I made it into my 3rd year and also because I wanted to start on the first day of the month for the fresh new feel. Although I was really enjoying this at first, as i finished the reading and got into the planning and structuring of how i’m going to complete the dissertation, it really hit me on how much of a pig it’s going to be. At least it is not due until April of next year so I have enough time to work on it to make it good and hopefully get the good mark that i deserve for it.

3: I’m scared of the future

By this, I mean the transition into working life from after I finish my degree. I’ve known for a while that I do not want to go straight into a postgrad course because although i know that i want to work in a music related job, I’m really uncertain of what job i’d like and theres no point wasting the money on a post grad course which may not help me at all. By taking a few years out to go straight into full time work, I’m hoping to figure myself out and earn enough so i can finally by myself a good horn of my own, learn to drive and get my own car and to start saving so i can finally move out of where i live and get my own place as i hate it that much. I’m just worried though that because of how unsuccessful job hunting has been for me, it won’t change and that i’ll get myself into a dead end job which i’ll hate…



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