2017: 365 Days, 12 Months, 11 photos…

It’s 31st December 2017, it’s that time to reflect on the year again…..


January was a month off with no exams. I mostly did some composing as well as relaxing. I also started to combat my fears with regards to being in my hometown since the move happened nearly 5 years ago. Due to how things where when it happend, I have always felt really umcoftabale and sad when i have been in my hometown. It is still hard for me now but it’s slowly getting better.


I was back at uni and found out that my marks for the previous semester where really good. As well as getting back into the swing of things with regards to coursework, I also went to the football for the first time in a while which produced a fantastic result πŸ˜€


I continued working hard on uni coursework and also had a uni concert which was a relif to have it over with. My band choose not to compete at stevenage but we had a concert with a choir which went really well. I still continued my train photography on the commute when i wasn’t working or sleeping which is starting to improve compared to when i started.


I went on my easter break and was hard working on my coursework. I also had a few concerts before turning 21 at the end of the month


After handing in my coursework for the year, I played in a concert in a brass ensmble alongside the chamber choir which was great fun. I also had two nights in the pit playing for the unis production of paul buynyan which was great fun and the real highlight of year two for me. I had my end of year recital at the end of the month, being the first person on the music course to play and due to some nerves, i was not happy with how i played thinking that i had blown getting a first for it out of the window little did i know…


After one more concert in cambridge with the wind ensemble, I began my summer break. I got my marks back and found out that I passed the year with a good 2:1 at 67%. With the exception of my education module mark, i was really pleased with all of my marks, even getting a first for my recital which really surprised me.


Not really much happened in july. It was an odd month. There really isn’t a photo to describe july sorry.


August was when i officially started my dissertation. I started actually enjoying it before realizing how much of a pig it is going to be… I also did a lot of playing being out every weekend with both my band and helping out another band and brass quintet all around the county.


Alongside a busy amount of concerts, the time came to return to uni and begin my third and final year. However though, this was all mared by the shock suicide of a close school friend of mine


The hard work began again and it got very stressfull to the point where I had a bad wheep on the train home one night. However I had a great concert with my band and I also went to see Public Service Broadcasting live at the LCR which was an incredible night



The same as october with hard work at uni and a few band concerts too. Heres a link to a recording of us doing pomp and circumstance with a local choir. One of the hardest pieces i’ve played but we did well


Work work work and christmas carols first time i’ve had to wear a top hat for caroling….oh and the manic street preachers finally released a new track too πŸ˜€

Looking onwards to 2018, it’s going to be a big year with the end of my course and going in to work but there are lots of things to look forward to including band concerts, a return to the area contest and a first showing of some filming i did last july…..



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