Bucket list of 101 things to do

1. Play at the Regional Brass Band Contest

2. Play at the National Brass Band Finals

3. Go to the Royal Albert Hall for a concert

4. Listen to the National Brass Band Finals at the Royal Albert Hall

5. Go to a Proms Concert

6. Go Zorbing

7. Go to a West End Musical

8. Go to a Broadway Musical

9. Play solo horn with a competing brass band

10. Go down a zip wire

11. Get a Degree

12. Go to a football match

13. Raise money for a charity

14. Climb to the top of a mountain and back down again

15. Go to a music festival

16. Get a composition published

17. Get a arrangement published

18. Go to a cat cafe

19. See the Manic Street Preachers Live

20. Go to Wembley Stadium

21. Go to an England international match

22. Go to New Zeland

23. Do a Bungee Jump

24. Go to a Rugby Match

25. Go to a Match in the away end

26. Play Golf

27. Be on the radio

28. Be on TV

29. Do a charity cycle race

30. Go mountain bicking

31. Have a romantic meal on the beach

32. Sleep on a boat

33. Go rowing

34. Go kayaking

35. Go cannoing

36. Have a pet

37. Go Punting

38. Win an award

39. Get recognized

40. Gain self confidence

41. Go skiing

42. Go snowboarding

43. Go surfing

44. Go on a roadtrip in a VW Campster

45. Go to a theme park

46. Change someones life for the better

47. Teach someone how to play a brass instrument

48. Brew beer

49. Go to hawaii

50. Go to Japan

51. Sleep by the coast

52. Go to the highlands

53. Go to the edinburugh fringe festival

54. Visit norway

55. Go to lattitude

56. Go to glastonbury

57. See an eclipse

58. Run a marathon

59. Get a tattoo

60. Go scuba diving

61. Do archery

62. Release an ep

63.  Win the lottery

64. Take up serious photography

65. Go to australia

66. Go to a ted confrence

67. Go to a world cup match

68. Go to a european football math

69. Go to the olympics

70. Go to a superbowl final

71. Visit idaho

72. Visit utah

73. Visit california

74. Visit florida

75. Visit canada

76. Go to pride

77. Go to a carnival

78. Have a positive review about myself

79. Be a tourist for a day in my hometown

80. Own an iMac

81. Have a carton self portrate of myself

82. Watch a tv show being recorded

83. Go on the london eye

84. Go on the first class carriage

85. Go from lands end to john o’groats

86. Cycle along the norfolk coast

87. Do a speech

88. Be a guest soloist

89. Grow something

90. Be a best woman

91. Go to Oktoberfest

92. Sail a boat

93. Ride on the Norfolk broads

94. See the northern lights

95. Build a snowman

96. Have my music played on BBC introducing

97. Visit Iceland

98. Visit Africa

99. Have a naughty crush

100. Fall in love

101. Meet the one