Been a while old friend!

It’s been a while since i posted on here so I thought i’d update you on life and all. I am now in my half way through my degree. I’m not going to lie but this semester has been very hard and it hit me on week 2 that i  can’t muck anything as everything will go towards my final degree mark. However though i did get some marks back for a brass trio i did for composition module which i got a first for but my comments mentioned the brass band unity feel of it-i’ve been found out!!!

We also had a workshop with a string quartet for the final composition which was great fun and went a lot better than expected. I’m really pleased with how the string quartet went for me-the sound shows how much my composition has changed since starting uni. I might actually miss the composition module now i’ve dropped it for semester 2 as it’s now longer compulsory……..

Christmas was busy as every with lots of caroling, 2 uni concerts as well as my own chamber music assessment and playing in two friends assessments. My caroling actually finished on 23rd december but at norwich station of all places…..MY SECOND HOME!!! However though, this wasn’t with my main band as i also depped with another brass band which i am on good terms with and a brass quintet at a pub which was great fun!

I’m now on my January break where i’ve been practicing for my end of year recital and just relaxing while composing a soundtrack for a commission as well as brass band rehearsals of course!  Looking forward to when i’m back at uni especially my two option modules-music education and electroacoustic composition!



29th February 2016

So today is a very rare day. It only happens once every four years so it seems worthwhile to have a blogpost on. Can see whether it will show up with bugs in timehop to see whether they have prepared for leap years!!!

Think i’ll do this post like how it used to be on my blog for 365 days of the year. It’s Monday, I don’t have any lectures at uni today so I am at home working on some coursework and this bastard of an essay. I have been back at uni for nearly a month now. I would have gone back to the commute in january but i had no exams in January so i got an extra long winter break!!!! Not bad 😀 Although I enjoyed the rest and time to do what i want, i was looking forward to going back as it became thustrating towards the end of the month

At the start of the semester i also found out that i have passed all my modules from last semester with a good 2:1. This means that providing I pass all my modules this semester (language of music, music buisiness, world music and music performance) I am on course to passing my first year of uni with a good 2:1 :D. My overall marks for the modules really suprised me as although i knew that my lowest would be for langauge of music, my highest was for composing?????? I got 66% for composing and improvising, 65% for Music and technology (a wierd mark for my final composition) & 63% for language of music 1a. You can listen to what i’ve done below 🙂

It’s more related to the theory side with regards to the modules this semester. Although there is some creative stuff, it’s more essay work. I was only in 2 days last week as i had a hospital appointment about my calcium which went well. I also finally had the balls to perform in a performance workshop which could have gone better in all honesty :/. It’ll be a long time before i have the confidence to perform in it again i think :(. I’ve chosen my modules for year 2 which will be film music, music education and electroacoustic music. Should be fun!!!! 😀

The piece though for chorus is very strange though a jazz mass……at least the orchestera pieces are good though 😀

Now back to this beast of a buisiness report. 500 Words till i hit the word limit though oh yeah 😀 Oh and practicing the test piece for the area contest on the 19th….






Once again, I have chosen a very clichey day to start a blog on. There’s bits all about me on the about tab but to summaries it here, I’m a music student from norwich, based in norwich and studying at anglia ruskin cambridge who suffers from low calcium who plays the horn and now blogs after blogging every day for the year last year! Simple hey! Anyway, i’m planning to post about anything on here as well as general updates but without the pressure of a post every day! I’ll also post my music to which you can listen to here. Sounds like a fair enough deal? Good, awesome