Been a while old friend!

It’s been a while since i posted on here so I thought i’d update you on life and all. I am now in my half way through my degree. I’m not going to lie but this semester has been very hard and it hit me on week 2 that i  can’t muck anything as everything will go towards my final degree mark. However though i did get some marks back for a brass trio i did for composition module which i got a first for but my comments mentioned the brass band unity feel of it-i’ve been found out!!!

We also had a workshop with a string quartet for the final composition which was great fun and went a lot better than expected. I’m really pleased with how the string quartet went for me-the sound shows how much my composition has changed since starting uni. I might actually miss the composition module now i’ve dropped it for semester 2 as it’s now longer compulsory……..

Christmas was busy as every with lots of caroling, 2 uni concerts as well as my own chamber music assessment and playing in two friends assessments. My caroling actually finished on 23rd december but at norwich station of all places…..MY SECOND HOME!!! However though, this wasn’t with my main band as i also depped with another brass band which i am on good terms with and a brass quintet at a pub which was great fun!

I’m now on my January break where i’ve been practicing for my end of year recital and just relaxing while composing a soundtrack for a commission as well as brass band rehearsals of course!  Looking forward to when i’m back at uni especially my two option modules-music education and electroacoustic composition!



Some exciting news and a objective on the bucket list compleated

So today is a rather exciting day. After being 3 years in the making, I have released my first e.p under my production alasis-Ridgy

ep cover.jpg

I started producing music in 2012 as i was doing a level music tech and it was a way to learn how to use logic pro as i had never used it beforehand. By 2013, it had became a real passion and i made the descion to concentrate on it and one day release an e.p. That idea has now became an reality.

As you can tell, the tracks are all very different in terms of genre. This has been a project for the last 3 years which has gone through 3 different name changes (ghostly kangaroo, drenched eagle and now ridgy) so it explains the different genres within it. I want to make more for sure but i don’t know whether to produce in one specific genre or produce a mixture of all genres.If you want to download/buy a copy, you can get it here 🙂